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Concierge Healthcare for Individuals and Families
Convenient, Hassle-Free, and Affordable.  

Coming to Amarillo and Lubbock 
March 1, 2022!

Now accepting waitlist applications.

Only 400 patients will be accepted, so join the waitlist and don't miss out!

A better healthcare experience for Amarillo and Lubbock.


No more waiting rooms!

With Choice Health Concierge Healthcare, you will never have to schedule an appointment days, sometimes weeks, in advance, then sit in a waiting room for hours before being seen.  Our members have access to the Choice Health team of healthcare professionals virtually, telephonically, and/or electronically.  If it is determined that a face-to-face visit with a provider is necessary, we come to you, wherever you are, at a time that is convenient for you.

Stay home, stay safe from exposure to COVID and other illnesses, and receive healthcare from professionals who are committed to optimizing your experience.


A more personalized and patient-centered approach

We offer a very personalized and patient-centered approach.  First, we are here for you, when you need us, when it is convenient to you.  We limit the number of patients we accept to not overload our physicians and ensure that more time and focus is spent with our patients.  On average, our providers spend a minimum of 30 minutes with every patient during face-to-face visits.  


Wellness coaching, navigation, and care coordination

All Choice Health members have access to our team of professionals who work on-on-one with you to optimize your overall health and wellness.  Additionally, we work as your quarterback and keep everything in order with regard to coordinating all aspects of your care.  Healthcare can be confusing, intimidating, frustrating...All of the above.  Choice Health helps members navigate the confusing healthcare world and have a peace of mind.

Advanced medical history review and physical assessments

All members of Choice Health Concierge Healthcare receive a comprehensive medical history review and physical assessment so we can know and understand all aspects of your healthcare.  This holistic approach better prepares us to work alongside you in optimizing your overall wellness.  We want to learn all we can about and your family health history to be proactive in your health.  

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