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For Providers


We work as an extension to to you and your team by providing an extra layer of support in your patients' home. 

We will assist you and your patients in managing complex pain, symptoms, comorbidities, patient/family communication and other issues.  Choice Health Palliative Care services are beneficial to you and your team because:

  • Your patient will better understands their care plan goals and we will work together with you and them in implementation.

  • Your patients will better manage the symptoms of their disease creating better results with curative treatments.

  • Emergency room visits, re-admits, overutilization of other high-cost services, etc. will be reduced.

  • We will also save you time...We help you with what you don't have time to do!

We are an independent, community-based palliative care company.  Therefore, we are able to work with any provider.  Whether you are primary care, a specialist, home health, hospice, or other, we are able to help you optimize your patients' health.

Our goal is to make you the hero with your patients!

Focus and Priorities

The following outlines our focus and priorities in working together with providers and your patients.  


Increased Efficiency

Our services lead to more appropriate patient use of hospital resources.  Through coordinated care and goal setting with the patient and family, our services facilitate transitions between settings, decrease length of hospital and ICU stays, lower costs, and increase capacity.

Reduced Acute Episodes and ED Visits

Our nurse practitioners provide regular medical management of chronic conditions to help reduce hospitalizations and emergency department visits.

Quality of Life

Our clinical staff treats and manages pain and other symptoms related to the patient’s progressive and life-limiting illness.


Our nurse practitioners visit patients in their place of residence, extending provider oversight to assist with medical care.

Care Coordination

Our clinical staff communicates care needs or emergent issues to the patient’s PCP and/or other specialists/providers.

Medication Management

Our nurse practitioners help medically manage patient’s medications in their home setting, helping ensure appropriateness and adherence.

Counseling and Education

Our clinical staff spends time with patients and their families explaining, educating and setting medical goals of care.

Setting Management

Nurse practitioners work to ensure a smooth discharge to the patient’s next setting of care, whether to home or another provider.

How to work with us.


Partnering with us is easy...Follow these steps to refer your patients

Step 1

Use our PAT tool to determine eligibility

Use our Palliative Assessment Tool (PAT) to determine if a patient may be a good candidate for Choice Health Palliative Care services.  All you have to do is answer yes or no to a few questions.  If you answer yes to 3 or more questions, your patient will likely benefit from our services.  Click below to access the tool.  

Step 2

Talk to your patient

Have a discussion with your patient or responsible party regarding Choice Health Palliative Care services about why they may be a good candidate for palliative care.  If there is mutual agreement fax the PAT form to us, along with the patient's face sheet and H&P.


Tip...Use our "CARE Card" and "Palliative Care What You Should Know" handout to guide your conversation and answer questions.  Click the link below to access these documents.

Step 3

There is no step 3...We take it from here!

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, we take it from there.  All you have to do is sit back and know your patient is in good hands with us.  We will always be sure to keep you updated on developments regarding patients you refer to us.

We know you are busy and want to make the referral process as easy as possible, so if you ahve any questions we are alway here for you and your patients.  Don't hesitate to reach out.  Call 806.731.4000 or click below to reach out!

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