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There is an actual term for our services! It's called Palliative Care!


So, what is Palliative Care and is it right for me or my family member?

Palliative Care is specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness.  The goal of palliative care is to address symptoms associated with the illness while seeking curative treatment.


Choice Health is a dedicated palliative care company who works with patients living with a serious illness and who desire to have relief from the symptoms of the illness.  We give you and your family a peace of mind that you are making the best decisions regarding your personal health.  All in your home.

Our services are for those who still want to have good quality of life while living with a serious illness. 

When should Palliative Care begin for me or my family member?


Palliative Care is most effective the earlier it is provided in the disease process.  In other words, this specialty care is recommended to begin upon diagnosis of a serious, chronic or terminal illness.

In short, anyone living with 1 or more serious illnesses or chronic conditions that affects daily living may be a good candidate for Palliative Care.

Typical Choice Health Palliative Care patient diagnoses include, but is not limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Failure

  • COPD

  • Diabetes

  • Kidney Disease

  • Parkinson's
  • ALS

  • Alzheimers or Dementia

  • Stroke

  • and More.

Is this covered by insurance?


Yes...Choice Health Palliative Care is covered through Medicare and most private insurance carriers.  Co-pays and other limits may apply, but we can help you get it all sorted out before beginning services.

How do I get started or take the next step to receive services?

It's easy...You can either ask your doctor for a referral to Choice Health Palliative Care or click the button below and we can facilitate the whole process for you.


If you have more questions and want to learn more visit our FAQ page HERE.

We put providers in your home to help you manage your symptoms.


How we help you

Our team of medical professionals are committed to helping you with:


  • Effective management of chronic illness(es)

  • Personalized, evolving health plans

  • Informed decision making

  • Referrals and healthcare coordination

  • Advanced directive planning

  • Physical, emotional and spiritual care

  • Overall peace of mind for you and your family

Approximately 12,000,000 adults in the US are currently living with a serious illness.


Living with a serious illness can be difficult for everyone in the family.  Stress can build and lead to overwhelming feelings of frustration, fear, anger, and often, depression.  It's not only hard on those dealing with the illness but for family members as well.


Not to mention the healthcare industry today is confusing, intimidating and hard to navigate.  The overwhelming emotions can compound and lead to feelings of hopelessness.  


However, you can you make life better for you and your family while living with a serious illness!


You need a qualified healthcare professional to work on your behalf, and for no one else, to help.


Choice Health Palliative Care works with patients who are living with a serious illness and desire to have relief from associated symptoms. 


This is accomplished through our specially trained team of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and other specialists who work with our patient’s doctors to provide an extra layer of support. 


Each Choice Health patient is paired with a Nurse Practitioner who regularly meets with our patients and their family in the comfort of their home to help them with their healthcare needs.  Nurse Practitioners are considered mid-level providers and can actively assess patient needs, write orders, prescribe medications, and more.

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